The Photography of Amanda Hughes

I discovered these amazing photographs by Amanda Hughes in a recent exhibition at Bonhams the auctioneers in London’s New Bond Street. Her distinctive shots of deserted interiors are incredible, their glowing colours capturing the magical atmosphere of these intriguing, rather melancholy places.



I needed to find out more, so last week I spoke to Amanda about her work.
“I first started photographing derelict buildings in 2010, and often I come across the buildings by looking at images, or newspapers and articles describing how the buildings have fallen into disrepair. I enjoy reading up on the history of the buildings to see what’s happened there, and why it has come to be left forgotten,” she told me.



“I try not to reveal the locations of the buildings I photograph, many buildings have code names used by photographers to protect them from looters and people who may cause damage to them by smoking in the building, or graffiti. I have seen many buildings deteriorate through the intervention of people, not just nature taking its toll.”



“Most buildings I have visited are not creepy. A lot of images I see of derelict buildings try to give this impression, but that is not what my work is about. I want to celebrate the beauty of these lost buildings and give them a new lease of life through my work.”



I don’t need to add much to that – these beautiful pictures speak for themselves.



All Images Copyright Amanda Hughes


8 Responses to “The Photography of Amanda Hughes”

  1. A most amazing set of images, Amanda’s work is brilliant.

  2. Brilliant images – thanks for sharing them!

  3. The photographs of Amanda Hughes are an incredible journey between memory and beauty! I wish her a lot of success.

  4. Oh, these are beautiful, very nice. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

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