A Magical Gateway, Vannes

Vannes is a lovely town in the Morbihan district of Brittany, with lots of beautiful old buildings and windy alleyways in its medieval centre. It was while walking down one of these alleyways that I came across this magical old gateway.

A magical doorway, Vannes

A magical doorway, Vannes

I had a peek through some of the cracks in the old gate itself, but couldn’t see much apart from a rather overgrown garden. The tall trunk you can see sticking out the top of the gateway is a palm tree, which certainly suggests this wonderful gate hides something rather more exotic than your usual back garden. We can only imagine what magic lies behind…!

8 Responses to “A Magical Gateway, Vannes”

  1. Looks so ancient……lovely 🙂

  2. How lovely! I love the old stonework, and the tiny plants that have secreted themselves into the crevices. Great find!

  3. What a wonderful gateway – I can certainly imagine the magic that must lie behind it.

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