Little Compton Street, London

Under a traffic island in on a busy road next to London’s Soho district is perhaps not the most obvious place to look for magic. But strange things can be found in the most unexpected places.

A traffic island on London's Charing Cross Road

A traffic island on London’s Charing Cross Road

Back in Victorian times, Little Compton Street was a bustling lane which joined Old and New Compton Streets. In 1896, however, the area was largely demolished to make way for Charing Cross Road, and the street level was raised. If you look carefully, however, you can find an intriguing remnant of Old London right beneath your feet. Below the unassuming grate in the middle of Charing Cross Road can be seen a wall still bearing not one, but two street signs for the now-buried Little Compton Street.

The underground street signs for Little Compton Street

The underground street signs for Little Compton Street

Not quite a secret street perhaps, but this is still a rather magical remnant of London’s fascinating past, and one which most people pass over without ever even knowing it’s there.

13 Responses to “Little Compton Street, London”

  1. Seattle, Washington raised many of its streets’ grade levels over a century ago. Amusingly, I found out about this from watching a 1970s horror movie, “The Night Strangler.” I’ve since actually been there and done a tour of some of the lost street level city.

  2. What a marvelous find, thanks!

  3. I’ve got a daytrip to London comming soon, this is one thing I must look for.
    Thanks 😀

  4. Wow! Fantastic! What a great find! 🙂

  5. Gosh, this is exactly the sort of thing that gives me a little magical thrill – I too shall look out for it next time I’m in that area 🙂

  6. The Millers Tale Says:

    I’m SO glad I ‘found’ you. Having spent my summers in Brittany (Paimpol) as a teenager i am already predisposed to liking those posts but this one is great too.

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