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Urban Art, Camberwell

Posted in London, Uncategorized with tags , on July 27, 2012 by mysearchformagic

Magic is often subtle or evasive. You’ve got to keep your eyes open to spot it.

I spied this mural at the weekend through a gap in some hoardings in Camberwell.

While a lot of Urban Art is crude and bombastic, from time to time you will see something like this that is delicate and strange.

The Fox’s Revenge?

There is something mysterious about Street Art. It appears in the dark of the night, often in unexpected places. It is usually anonymous, and generally ephemeral, disappearing as fast as it has appeared. There’s no signature, no labels, no explanation.
I don’t know who created this work. It won’t be around for long, as the site is already undergoing development for new housing. Thousands of people pass it every day, but I wonder how many will notice it?